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Audison Full DA HD technology takes the next step in the audio playback chain. For the first time, directly from the source elements - be it from the turntable, CD player, or any analog source - a pure digital signal is transferred through an additional processor to your amplifier.

Full DA HD provides the flexibility to listen to high-resolution audio, such as DVD-A discs or high-resolution liquid music files, offering excellent 24-bit resolution, thus breaking the 16-bit sound quality barrier of the audio format. CD is used in traditional systems.

The main components of the Audison Full DA HD system are a 4x4 DSP digital matrix processor, amplifiers, TOSLINK optical or coaxial digital cable, AD Link LAN cable, and power supply. The DSP 4x4 digital matrix processor.

Audison's Full DA HD technology delivers the most comprehensive audio performance for critical high-resolution listening through a signal path that avoids all compromises. It represents a signal flow process in which the signal remains digital from beginning to end.

This means there is no conversion to analog and your sound system receives the full 24-bit / 192kHz original digital signal - an ideal way to enjoy your high-resolution recordings with enhanced detail and emotion thanks to the absence of noise and interference.

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