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Hertz Motorcycle Sound Packs for HD

If you want to understand the future of car audio, just take a look at our history


Elettromedia adopted a co-branding strategy, providing the ability to fully meet our customers’ needs. With Audison, Hertz, Connection and AZaudiocomp the company offers all the components that are necessary to build a complete, high quality car audio system.


Audison A very deep know-how, derived from the long experience achieved in international car hi-fi marketplace, allowed Elettromedia’s team to achieve very important goals with Audison lines: sound, performance, controls flexibility are the three fundamental features of a reliable product dedicated to those enthusiasts who don’t accept compromises.


Thanks to the introduction of Hertz brand, Elettromedia became a protagonist in the world of loudspeakers, too: these products can thrill enthusiasts all over the world with their unbelievable performance in terms of efficiency, power handling, tonal accuracy. Today the Hertz brand offers a complete product range, to experience the thrill of high quality sound, in any situation.

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