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Let me tell you what we can do for your audio system. You probably already know that Hertz hi-fi systems are made in Italy; our patents are manufactured in Italy. We work with the best materials and some of the most advanced technologies globally, offering our clients top-quality products for their investment.

Our production employs high-tech machinery and carries out strict quality controls on materials, components, and all manufacturing process phases.

The term Hertz (Hz) is used to measure frequency, which is the number of times something vibrates in one second. When you listen to music or any other audio source played through a speaker system, the sound goes through a series of stages before leaving the speaker.

Depending on your application, the Hertz woofer is designed to produce a wide range of frequencies, from low 20Hz to high 200Hz, and beyond. Having said all this, we can move on to check what each Hertz woofer is tuned for.

Oh, and did we mention how good the service is once you've bought your new Hertz products? Because it is top-notch. Each customer is assigned a member of the Hertz Elite team, who will guide them through their purchase from start to finish. These team members can also be used for anything else you may need help with, as well as maintenance after your purchase.

Innovative, modern, trustworthy...We want the best for you!

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