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The Mille line of Hertz speakers has always been a reference for enthusiasts. The goal of the Mille line has always been to provide enthusiasts with an excellent sound and listening experience and to stand out.

The Mille series has been designed to be driven by high-end amplifiers to maintain the same level of performance when driving low-power amplifiers or when using a high-power amplifier but with less power consumption. This is why the Mille series loudspeakers are compatible with almost all car amplifiers on the market today.

Mille represents the best of Hertz technology, inspired by the purest car audio experience. Slenderness, elegant design, high-quality materials, and the latest developments in audio technologies are necessary for this line.

The past has inspired Mille to create this new line of speakers. It is yet another example of how the Hertz team constantly seeks innovative solutions to the challenges presented by the modern car audio environment.

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