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The speakers are not all acoustically identical - some are more sensitive than others; for example, some can handle more power. If you run an audio system with too high or too low a load, you will compromise its efficiency and its sound quality. It could be damaged.

SR amplifiers are the perfect ally for standalone audio systems.

The high power available even in compact dimensions and the precision of Class D technology make the amplifiers suitable for the most demanding applications, such as those involving multi-way speakers or active subwoofers.

In addition to their excellent performance, the new SR amplifiers also have additional features that those especially suitable for advanced and complex systems do. The patented USS (Universal Speakers Simulator) technology allows an amplifier to be connected to a head unit with a "speaker load-sensing" circuit, which mutes the output signal if no speakers are connected.

USS Technology: High power in a compact size. All models in the SR range of amplifiers are characterized by high-power Class D technology, a sophisticated design, and the integration of USS (Universal Speakers Simulator) technology for exceptional audio performance in compact dimensions.

USS technology is a sound processing solution that generates an entirely consistent good pressure level throughout the listening area.

The sound from each speaker is optimized to reach the listener's ear with a more accurate yet immersive audio experience.

The SR amplifiers' small shape and high power make them suitable for installation in vehicles of any type and dimension (long, narrow, etc.).

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