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It's Audison sound, and it comes from extensive research and a long series of pioneering technological innovations that have set new standards for sound reproduction in the mobile environment.

Innovation is essential in today's car audio market: it differentiates between good products and those that define the market.

Audison has always been at the forefront of innovation, but we reach new levels of sound quality, performance, and comfort with Prima. Perhaps our most ambitious project is a revolutionary new concept that combines ease of use with extraordinary sonic capabilities.

Prima sets a new standard for sound quality for the mobile environment. It does so with an innovative combination of technologies that give you true freedom to listen to your music the way you want: clear highs and deep, rich lows; an expanded frequency range with an ultra-smooth response; high power output; and much more.

Prima is so advanced that it makes good amplifiers sound better and delivers impressive results even when using factory-installed audio systems that are only modestly equipped. Prima makes them come to life.

Audison Prima is a unique concept in the world of high mobile fidelity.

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