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The Thesis range is the most innovative and the most technologically advanced loudspeakers on the market today.

This whole new line has been developed to meet the needs of those passionate about music and who want to enjoy it fully.

The listening experience provided by the Thesis K3II A Orchestra is superior to any other speaker system in the world. This is due to its great bass, which offers a degree of impact and control never before achieved in a compact floor-standing speaker.

The K3II A Orchestra's bass is so powerful that it can easily overwhelm the rest of the frequency spectrum. For this reason, it is essential to use a subwoofer with which the system can work in perfect harmony for truly exceptional performance.

Tuned by ear, the K3II A Orchestra is also an extraordinarily refined and transparent loudspeaker. Its three-way setup, with an eight-inch woofer with a rear-loading horn, ensures exceptional speed and clarity, while a twelve-inch dual moving coil midrange driver and two-inch ferrofluid-cooled tweeter deliver incredible detail and precision to the sound.

Together, these elements ensure that the music played through the Thesis K3II A Orchestra is unmatched anywhere in the world.

That is why we have named Thesis' highest three-way system, Orchestra, to evoke an exceptional event that generates extraordinary pleasure.

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