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When you listen to a song that you like, your brain records its structure, and you can play it back in your head. This way, it memorizes every detail of the sounds: their tone, intensity, and timbre. The same goes for the sound of a car, a hi-fi system, or a live performance. When you listen to your favorite piece of music, the sounds work their way through the air, vibrate your eardrums, and are transmitted to your brain through nerves and impulses.

You become sensitive to sounds that impress you, whether pleasant or unpleasant.

Tuning a system is no different from tuning a musical instrument: all acoustic parameters must be optimally balanced to complement each other perfectly.

Audison Bit Tune is the new software for tuning Audison systems. It is an intelligent tuning tool that speeds up the adjustment of the basic parameters for the calibration of the bit processors (time alignment, equalization, levels, etc.).

Audison Bit Tune also includes the diagnosis of common "errors" (inversion/phase of channels, no signal on a channel/cable, etc.) to free the specialist from his "routine" work and allow him to focus on the art of "fine-tuning."

Only personal interpretation and experience can achieve what a machine could never do: create "its sound"!

Audison is a brand dedicated to high-end car audio equipment that meets customers' expectations who want solutions capable of optimizing their listening experience and providing maximum driving pleasure.

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