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Audison innovation shapes the entire design process and begins with conceiving car audio products that offer unique value and enhance the in-car listening experience. Design means deep care for details, elegance in aesthetics and performance, perfection in its purest form.

The valuable synergy between Voce amplifiers and Full DA HD technology takes the in-car listening experience to a new level of excellence, synthesizing unique know-how used in mobile audio playback.

AV 5.1k HD offers the possibility to create a Full DA HD chain that guarantees the maximum reduction of any signal deterioration, preserving the purity of high-resolution audio files.

The result is a smooth, clear sound with exceptional definition and detail but no harshness or flare. Ultra-precise bass, with tactile sensations easy to appreciate even in small cars, thanks to its optimal power that allows you to enjoy powerful low frequencies.

The company has launched a series of new amplifiers that offer a full range of frequencies with high-quality sound and innovative technologies developed specifically to improve certain aspects of the listening experience. These products also represent the convergence of technology and art, which is sure to please those who value audio quality.

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