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The Audison SR series of amplifiers is a high power line designed for mono and four-channel system applications. Thanks to the integration of Audison USS (Universal Speakers Simulator) technology into the high-level inputs, SR amplifiers can also be connected appropriately to OEM sources with a "speaker load-sensing" function that monitors the presence of a speaker. Low impedance load to enable audio outputs.

Each amplifier includes a complete filtering section that satisfies any audio system configuration. The front panel layout is ergonomic, and the controls are visible to allow quick and easy setup.

The extruded aluminum housing has rounded corners to minimize installation size and facilitate fitting in tight spaces. SR amplifiers are assembled with high-quality components, ensuring excellent performance with low distortion levels and a very high level of reliability.

All SR amplifiers can operate at safe power levels even when connected to less than ideal source units.

The SR series amplifiers result from Audison's intensive technological research, compact size, advanced electronic arrangement, and high power output.

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