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Audison Bit Drive is today's most innovative and advanced digital audio processing technology. This technology transforms digital information into analog signals and vice versa in "bit-perfect" (without loss of quality) with a very high conversion rate, guaranteeing a remarkable sound performance.

Audison Bit Drive is the result of many years of research. It has been designed to meet the demands of the most demanding users in terms of sound quality, reliability, and safety.

Audison Bit Drive is an innovative and elegant solution for everything that makes up car audio systems - from amplifiers to speakers. The result has been a revolutionary chip that contains a complete DSP (Digital Signal Processor) system based on the latest ARM Cortex processors, allowing it to process audio signals in real-time with extreme precision.

Bit Drive technology can be used as a standalone product or mounted on Audison's amplifiers or those of any other manufacturer (with the appropriate firmware).

Audison Bit Drive can be used to build a complete digital audio system without compromising in terms of sound quality. Bit Drive technology enables the implementation of digital audio system solutions that were previously impossible, expanding the potential of the audio system both in terms of quality and versatility.

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