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Regardless of their sensitivity to sound, every human being has an inalienable right to the best listening conditions. A speaker is only as good as the signal it receives: a CD player, tuner, preamplifier, digital-to-analog converter, and power amplifier.

Bit Tune software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Its main menu shows the different functions available to simplify the adjustment process.

In addition, it allows you to save the created configurations to reuse them later or even share them with a friend, thanks to its export/import functions.

Audison Bit Tune is a "tuning" program for Audison's bit processors. The team's goal when developing this tool was to speed up the adjustment of the basic parameters for the calibration of the bit processors (time alignment, equalization, levels, etc.), guaranteeing an excellent level of acoustic performance. This phase also includes the diagnosis of the most common "errors" (inversion/phase of channels, absence of signal in a channel/cable, etc.) to free the specialist from his "routine" work and allow him to focus on the art of "fine-tuning."

The ergonomic user interface and its high performance/price ratio make tuning with bit Tune a straightforward process. Its main characteristics are:

  • Easy tuning of basic parameters (time alignment, EQ, levels).

  • Diagnosis of the most common "errors" (inversion/phase of channels, absence of signal in a channel/cable, etc.)

  • Quick overview of the complete list of functions available in the configuration software (DSP Expert), including measurements, diagnostic tests, and much more.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop graphical interface for all configuration settings.

  • Configuration parameters are stored on a USB stick for backup and sharing.

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