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Audison is known for its excellent sound quality. Your system, the TH 1.5 II violino, promises to offer the best sound experience you've ever had in your car.

Let's look at what this system can do for you and your car.

Audison's tuning system works by improving the acoustic efficiency of the speakers by reducing resonance and harmonic distortions.

The system features two types of electro-acoustic load: lower case or lower disk depending on the highest performance objectives and the flexibility of integration in the car.

The finite element method (FEM) optimized faceplate and front spokes improve the scattering pattern. Audison's eID technology provides TH 1.5 II violino traceability from manufacturing to the owner.

The first type is a bass-reflex enclosure with a rear-facing speaker that uses a round port tube that reduces turbulence and allows for greater efficiency. The second is an open baffle type with an aluminum alloy bottom disc, which handles ample airflow for high power handling and reduced distortion levels.

As well as improving sound quality, the Audison TH 1.5 II violino also allows users to further personalize their cars with special requests such as custom colors and materials.

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