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Do you know that feeling when you hear something extraordinary? It is built into the Audison philosophy and is reflected in every aspect of the product. Audison's full-range HD component sets are designed to achieve the realism and authenticity of your music, exposing every detail and emotion behind your favorite songs.

The authentic voice results from years of research and development on a complex subject: the evaluation of sound quality in the car. And this has been done with the utmost care by Audison's Bit Tune team, with dedicated hardware (APM).

Authentic voice has been designed to give you complete control over your sound system - from simple adjustments such as bass volume and channel balance to advanced adjustment functions such as time alignment, multi-stage crossovers, and filters—Digital for subwoofers.

The Audison system, with its combination of software and hardware, enables the most flexible and affordable means of tailoring sound in virtually any car. But that is not all. DSP chips can be used to enhance almost any audio system, from car stereos to home theater systems.

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