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Using a 12cm long-throw subwoofer with a 50mm voice coil, an S-PAL™ direct radiator with a powerful neodymium magnet, and the high-performance amplifier with HE-LI (High Efficiency – Low Impedance) technology produces excellent dynamics from an impressively compact enclosure.

The perfect combination of efficiency and power:

The subwoofer features a newly developed, high-efficiency 200W RMS amplifier and a powerful neodymium magnet on its direct radiator, allowing it to deliver maximum sound pressure with minimal distortion to achieve large-scale bass.

Ease of use: The subwoofer installation should be as easy as possible: It is equipped with level adjustment, phase adjustment, and connection via RCA inputs or SSP connector (Sub Smart Plug). Furthermore, the subwoofer can be used as a detachable device quickly. The new parameters configured via the SubControl app are also optimally adapted to mobile devices.

The right choice: The combination of its compact design and its thought technologies makes this subwoofer the perfect solution for upgrading modern car OEM systems.

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