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The result is an entirely new and exceptional line of amplifiers with a technology concept that achieves unprecedented performance levels. Thanks to this technology, the SR1.500 incorporates the same quality that you usually find in a Class A1 device, but with the advantages that Class D components offer, such as excellent power stability and a very high damping factor.

The SR amplifiers confirm their vocation for versatility by including a complete filtering section in all models, suitable for any audio system configuration. The controls, protected by a satin aluminum panel, are located on the top panel of the amplifier for easy access from above even after the product has been installed.

Models are equipped with balanced high-level inputs for OEM head unit speaker output and low-level RCA for aftermarket speakers.

The new SR amplifiers use advanced layout and design to ensure high reliability under continuous use conditions. This translates into excellent protection against overloads, short circuits, and overheating through the use of high-quality components (metal resistors, TEAPO capacitors, Tantalum capacitors), overcurrent protection (fast recovery) to avoid power damage, and thermal protection by an additional heatsink that covers all transistors.

The SR line is a high-performance amplification system with a wide range of possibilities, covering all aspects of the audio system configuration.

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