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TH amplifiers are born with the know-how and experience gained with HV venti, enhanced by digital technology innovation. The precious synergy with Full DA HD technology takes the in-car listening experience to a new level of excellence, synthesizing unique know-how used to reproduce mobile audio. The result is a perfect combination of the highest level of analog technology and the advanced features of digital technology in a unique product.

TH Uno is a single channel (mono) amplifier used for maximum performance under any load; It can be used to drive subwoofers or mid-range speakers, especially for those who want to build a unique car audio system with any available budget.

Resistors have been used to optimize heat dissipation, providing protection against overheating, ensuring maximum performance under any load. The TH Uno can be connected to any audio source via RCA connectors or speaker wire terminals on the rear panel, making it much easier than other models currently available on the market.

The front panel is made of high-quality aluminum, which makes it highly resistant and gives it an elegant touch that fits perfectly into the interior design of any car.

TH Uno has been designed to be easily installed thanks to its compact format and external power option (12 V DC, 2 A), avoiding interference caused by filtering or rectifying the power supply inside the car.

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