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Voce amplifiers and Full DA HD technologies achieve the utmost clarity and definition of sound, smoothly transmitting the timbre of natural instruments with bright, crisp signals thanks to virtually zero distortion.

The Voce speaker cones are made from cotton fiber pressed paper with a Light Damping treatment, a new material specifically developed to provide natural, linear sonic performance.

The tweeter domes are made from TETOLON, a combination of silk and cotton with a proprietary damping treatment, which provides low mass and a resonance-free response down to ultrasonic frequencies.

Voce's fine-tuning process has increased detail, naturalness and transparency in music reproduction that were previously unimaginable with speakers of this size.

It is an Italian success story built on passion, research and experience that proves once again that Made In Italy is still synonymous with excellence in quality.

Any audiophile will agree that it's not just about the volume, but also the quality of the sound that resonates in our cars. When you're on the road, driving, and enjoying music at your leisure, you want to remember that driving is about freedom of space and movement, not just noise pollution.

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