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The central unit is one of the essential components of the car, not only for its functionality but also for the quality of sound it can produce. Even if you have a high-performance audio system in your vehicle, the sound quality can constantly be improved.

For this reason, we have developed a technology intending to enhance the sound quality of even the best head units through an OEM integration system that provides excellent sound quality.

RVA technology (Remote Volume Aux) uses a dynamic behavior based on the human ear's perception, which allows to correctly adjust the volume level in each frequency band according to its level. When the volume increases, the frequencies also rise lower. At the same time, when it decreases, the higher frequencies also fall.

This dynamic behavior obtained from a specific mathematical formula makes it possible to get a pure and clean sound at a high volume level. RVA technology has been developed with digital and analog audio sources.

In addition to this new sound processing algorithm, we have added two digital filters: 24 / 96k high resolution for digital audio sources (HDMI / USB) and, for analog sources, a 24/192k audiophile filter that linearizes the signal before getting to the D/A converter.

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