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The DSP bit Drive platform is a system that allows the combination of hardware and software, developed for Hi-Fi cars, capable of managing all audio stages such as amplifiers and equalizers.

Bit Drive provides a complete set of tools for managing high-resolution music and sound; It benefits from Audison's proprietary DSP technology, designed to provide an optimal balance between sound performance and configuration settings.

The 24-bit 96 kHz digital audio processor is a crucial component of this technology, designed to play music files in Hi-Res format without any conversion or loss of information. The processor can decode up to 32 digital sources, ensuring perfect compatibility even with very high-end systems.

The Bit Ten is also equipped with a Bluetooth transmitter and a DAB tuner for digital radio reception. The coaxial connection is a reliable and universal interface that serves as the entry point for the digital signal.

The coaxial cable carries all the audio information from the source to the processor. Ideally suited for Hi-Res Audio files, it delivers the highest quality sound from your Hi-Res music sources such as CD players and streamers.

The bit Drive platform introduces new capabilities that enable the Audison bit Tune to accurately reconstruct a pristine human hearing environment and measure numerous audio key parameters for better acoustic car design.

The ability to audit the system before installing it in the car allows the installer to fine-tune the final result before getting behind the wheel.

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