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Voce's commitment to design and engineering excellence, as well as strict quality control procedures, allow each AV amplifier to be part of a Full DA HD system for a high-resolution digital connection with bit processors.

The modular design ensures that the power supply's motherboard does not interfere with the delicate audio signal, in addition to noise-free amplification. The removable input/crossover section allows the bit IN digital AV module to insert easily.

The power stage features dual multi-winding transformers to increase efficiency and power delivery in any complex load condition.

The Voce range of amplifiers is now available in five models, all fully configurable to suit any specific application.

Technological advancements in today's audiovisual systems have renewed focus on sound quality. The development of HD-Audio technology has only added to the importance of delivering world-class sound in any environment. As a result, AV Voce amplifiers are ready to integrate with high-definition attributes.

We strongly believe that each AV amplifier should be part of a Full DA HD system and offer these guidelines to help our customers select the right components for their system.

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