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Hertz marine loudspeakers are designed to outperform any other competitive system. To achieve this, the research and development team behind the Hertz Marine series implemented a revolutionary R&D process using "virtual prototypes".

Hertz marine loudspeakers are designed to perform in the most demanding environments and provide the best sound quality, regardless of mounting conditions.

Hertz 4-way loudspeakers can be used in various boats and personal watercraft and offer a high level of versatility, reliability, and performance.

Hertz marine loudspeakers are characterized by:

  • High excursion woofer cone with rubber surround for maximum bass response.

  • Soft dome tweeter, high-temperature voice coil, and ferrofluid for superior cooling.

  • Crossover network optimized for maximum audio performance.

  • Enclosure design that allows use in a variety of mounting applications.

  • A removable gasket provides reliable waterproofing.

  • Rubber coating on the mounting flange for durability.

Hertz loudspeakers are designed to produce the highest possible performance while remaining unobtrusive. This makes them an excellent option so that they do not deform the appearance of your boat.

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