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For more than 80 years, Hertz has stood for the highest quality in-car audio systems. Today we do not pretend to be just a reference, and we want to set the trend in the world of sound and Hi-Fi. New technology allows us to achieve high quality and compact dimensions without sacrificing the efficiency and power that define our products.

Hertz components have been designed for maximum performance, based on research into Hertz hi-fi audio systems. Its speakers take advantage of the exciting sound of live music, and its amplifiers deliver astonishing power with minimal distortion.

New technology ensures pure listening pleasure while maintaining a compact size with unmatched energy efficiency. Together with the Mille speakers, the DPower amplifiers guarantee exceptional audio performance, also in terms of design, thanks to their elegant and compact dimensions.

Their new technique, combining brushed aluminum fronts with black or white lacquered steel housings, represents the ideal audio equipment for any audio enthusiast looking for excellent sound at an affordable price.

Future car audio systems will be exceptionally different with the introduction of new cutting-edge technologies. These include new designs, sound quality enhancements, music streaming integration, packaged solutions for factory installation, and much more. Each of these platforms has something unique to offer drivers to prepare them for a better driving experience.

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