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Now you can enjoy your music with Hertz Marine DSP high-end digital sound processing. Great power, excellent bass, and treble reproduction, studio-quality acoustics, and the ability to fill the environment with pure musical energy. What makes the difference is advanced technology. And therein lies the secret to the performance of the HMD8 DSP.

The DSP has four different ways to control the system: the device screen, a wired remote control, a smartphone or tablet connection, or an IP network, which significantly facilitates adjusting the settings.

The HMD8 DSP is also equipped with an iPod / iPhone input, a USB input for flash drive playback, and an auxiliary input.

Now you can enjoy your music collection on board your ship in crystal clear concert hall sound quality. The HMD8 DSP offers all the necessary connection options for digital and analog devices to give you the flexibility you need to create the perfect sound system for your boat.

The HMD8 DSP is available in two versions:

  • HMD8 DSP-85W, featuring 8-channel DSP with an output power of 85W RMS per channel and dedicated high-pass filters for each channel.

  • HMD8 DSP-260W, featuring 8-channel DSP with 260W RMS output power per channel and dedicated high-pass filters for each channel.

The maritime industry continues to push technology forward, and we must embrace it. Hertz's marine DSP system is designed to deliver outstanding sound that will enhance your experience on the water and provide the pleasure of listening to music while sailing.

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21 Φεβ 2023

I listen to music every day. Thanks for your recommendations, now my favorite tracks will play even better thanks to soundcloud promotion

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