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We have always believed that Hertz is the "sound of the engine," but a motorcycle is also the result of ergonomics and reliability. The same goes for our audio systems: they have to be high-quality and reliable.

The lightweight SS 12 D2 is small, solid, and made with high-quality components such as a powerful 1x12 "subwoofer, a powerful 2-channel amplifier, and a high-end speaker made of high-quality MDF and fiberglass reinforced. With four layers of fiberglass to distribute power evenly over the entire surface of each side panel.

The SS 12 D2 subwoofer features Hertz's heat dissipation technology used in all of its products. This is good because it offers larger subwoofers with high performance at great prices without sacrificing sound quality or reliability.

The extreme power of the SS 12 D2 subwoofer means you can forget about getting a separate amplifier and plug everything indirectly from your car, using an appropriate cable from the Hertz audio system.

It is the result of long research and experimentation: many design changes have been made throughout the entire process; Miles of testing has been carried out to ensure that our products can withstand the most extreme sound pressure levels without compromising their sound quality.

Hertz is the only company with an audio system of this design in widespread use, and it is no wonder that many people place their trust in this product. The market continues to evolve and grow, with new motorcycles being released every year that can emit more sound pressure than previous models. Whether your bike outputs one hundred or two hundred watts per channel, there is a Hertz audio system for you.

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