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Hertz triaxial technology creates the purest sound available in a car. The amplifier has three channels positioned separately to produce a cleaner sound with less distortion throughout the entire frequency range.

Hertz engineers share this passion. Thanks to the careful listening of many dedicated engineers, Hertz amplifiers achieve a full range of low-mid and mid-high frequencies.

Hertz amplifiers are designed to handle signal amplification with exceptional performance. Efficiency is maximized through proprietary circuit design, resulting in low voltage output and high dynamics. These amplifiers are easy to install, connect easily to the speaker system, act in passive mode without requiring an additional power supply, keeping their size small.

Hertz amplifiers are equipped with an ultra-efficient power supply that increases the efficiency factor compared to traditional designs. This is possible thanks to a DC / DC converter, which reduces power consumption by more than 70%.

When you use a Hertz in your vehicle, you are immersed in the ultimate audio experience. From smooth lows to crisp highs, the sound you hear is full of "Hertzian" quality.

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