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The ability to truly immerse yourself in the listening experience is what our in-wall and ceiling speakers offer. It seems that it is difficult to disconnect from day-to-day hard work and stress in today's society.

Let Hertz Marine Audio speakers help you set the pace for a relaxing and enjoyable time.

The Hertz Marine Audio System is a highly efficient, fully waterproof, and fully integrated solution for your boat. It is designed to reproduce the same sound that audiophiles have experienced at live concerts.

The Hertz Marine line offers a complete range of ceiling and wall speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. Each model features meticulous engineering, rigorous quality control, high fidelity, and performance that Hertz is known for.

In particular, marine audio units are designed to offer the best sound performance, even in adverse outdoor and marine conditions. They can also be built to resist physical damage, so they can last for many years while helping you enjoy superior sound quality on your boat.

Technical expertise, performance, elegance, and style ... that's Hertz!

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