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The new 12-inch subwoofer, the S 300 S4, has been designed to deliver powerful, deep bass in any setup. It is part of the Hertz Uno range, ideal for not compromising sound quality but needs compact dimensions.

Hertz's V-cone® technology allows the use of lightweight materials in the structure of the cone without reducing its rigidity. This is possible thanks to integrating a paper cone with a high-density foam suspension, which provides more rigidity with less weight.

In addition, the cone and suspension are glued with an exclusive technology that allows more excellent mechanical resistance and avoids resonance phenomena.

Thanks to this solution, it has been possible to obtain low-frequency characteristics similar to those obtained with much larger subwoofers. The S 300 S4 subwoofer offers an efficiency level of 89 dB.

The Hertz Uno series is the result of an innovative approach to system loudspeaker design. This allows owners to get all the excitement of listening to music at high volume levels, even in minor car interiors.

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