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Powersports bass amps were created to maximize the extraordinary performance of Hertz series loudspeakers.

When it comes to "noise," Power Sound Audio amplifiers are the most powerful and reliable on the market. The HP series of amplifiers are designed for the most demanding applications in Powersports.

The compact size, combined with the industry-leading features, make these amps actual monsters of the SPL.

We offer a wide variety of models to suit almost any application. You can find them in many different Powersports applications: From motorcycle intercoms, public address systems, or simple aftermarket radio upgrades, our amplifiers will push your approach to the limit.

The HP series offers many features that are unique to Powersports applications:

  • One-piece heat sink with a durable finish and easy mounting system.

  • Easy installation for multiple setups with the included brackets -Designed for 12V sportbike systems (six-volt models are available)

  • Spl bass boost switch to tune the amp for maximum performance in any application

  • Built-in diagnostic LEDs to monitor output power, thermal protection, and DC voltage.

Hertz is a company that has been dedicated to meeting the unique needs of its customers for more than 20 years. They know what they are doing, and they will never stop improving their products!

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