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So you "want" a wall of sound. Well, you have come to the right place. The technology behind the Hertz HiFi-BX5 maintains a compact size but is unmatched in energy efficiency, ensuring pure listening pleasure while keeping your music louder for longer.

The Hertz Hi-Energy car audio system is a unique combination of the best components, providing a sound quality previously only heard at live concerts.

The new ML 2000.3 Legend is the latest addition to the Hertz Legend series, created to achieve unprecedented musical fidelity. The Legend series is distinguished by using very high-end materials and components, signed by specific tests in listening rooms made on purpose.

All Hertz products are developed and manufactured in the European Union, in Italy, following the most rigorous standards in the sector.

Hertz is proud to be the first company to put this new technology into production. Speakers and power amplifiers show that Hertz continues to be at the forefront of the automotive audio industry, with a clear focus on innovations that deliver pure listening pleasure to customers.

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