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The engineers behind the Hertz brand dedicate their knowledge and skills to developing audio products that deliver premium sound, precision, and fine craftsmanship.

Hertz is an experienced manufacturer of amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, and installation accessories for the audio enthusiast.

Every Hertz product is based on careful research and development - they all combine innovative technologies with high-quality components to ensure exceptional performance every time.

To optimize the performance of a set of loudspeakers, it is necessary to pair it with an amplifier by creating a system. In this system, as in any other technological product, all the elements must be at their maximum to produce the desired result: maximum musical enjoyment.

Bringing quality sound to more people worldwide depends on creating a universal listening experience in all settings and accessible to all.

The key to this is an unmatched dedication to creating products with true passion, creativity, and obsession. Hertz products can now be found worldwide, always searching for new spaces, new forms, and new applications in which to bring music to life.

Music is a matter of emotions! We want to share our passion for music with all Hertz customers, as we believe that music is the best way to share feelings and enjoy life's moments.

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